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The Witch Trials?

  Here I would like to touch on my witch trial. Constantly my beleifs are being questioned, by other Wiccans, due to the dark nature of my website. These "fluff bunnies" as they are sometimes called, simply deny that their is a dark side to the craft. They think it is all, harm none, hug a tree, in perfect love and trust. Now these are all wonderful things, I've hugged a few trees in my day too. There is though, a dark side to the craft, and I am here to embrace it, now obviously that makes me a "Satanist" right, well thats the way the fluffies put it. When it comes down to it I dont even beleive in Satan, that doesn't matter though, all you have to do to be a Satanist, is to embrace the darkness. Now I know what your thinking, surely and Well versed Wiccan is familiar with the Dark Gods and Goddesses, and the pain death and suffering they bring, but this is apparently not true. You dont beleive me eh? well here is my first example.
           Dear miss...
          Being Wiccan does not involve staring into a camera and attempting to appear as if you are possessed. Perhaps if you were your average try-hard, satanic worshipper it would make more sense to wear black lipstick and seemingly be an age under fifteen. (No offence.)
           Might we add that trying to look sexy and seductive is a sure sign that you have low self-esteem, and need constant approval and reassurance that you are 'attractive' and 'eccentric'... ...
            Whereas a true Wiccan has enough love for him/herself to not need others opinions as a reflection on the way you flaunt your image as though it is original.
           One more thing that showed the public that you are a completely fake Wiccan is the simple fact that you were wearing the 'Christian' symbol of the cross around your neck as one of the many 'frightening' thingsí we noticed. And if you think the message that you left on your 'hidden link' was some sort of a joke to waste other people's time, well, the joke is on you as we didnít even know that there was a hidden link until we clicked on it by mistake. We're sorry, but your strive for a label as a 'Goth' or a 'Witch' may fool others but only the shallow ones and certainly not a Wiccan. Don't take this too personally, but we are just stating the facts. If you do enjoy laughing at the hate mail that people send you, have fun laughing at this one because we definitely found you very amusing. (In your contradictive ways)
                                 DO AS THY WILL BUT HARM NONE!
                                            (This includes your self.)
                                                     Yours sincerely,
                                                       Nic and Jose.

Nic and Jose - Wednesday, October 24, 2001 at 10:53:35 (EDT)

Okay now that being read, let the trials commence.

          I must have missed it some where in my hours of reading and studying my chosen religion of Wicca, the section on proper wiccan photography, and of course the section on dress code. I expected reticule of course, for the site, the writings, and even the photos. I mean you put something on the net that goes against the majority you can't expect everyone to like it... right?
         But I never expected this kind of hypocrisy, for someone who's never met me, and more than likely spent less than five minutes visiting my site, to come to the conclusion that I cannot be Wiccan, that I have low self esteem, and need constant reassurance.
I posted my pictures because my visitors requested them, and in theme to my personality and in theme to my site they are in a dark "gothic" nature. But of course that automatically stereotypes me a Satanist?
         I am very proud of the way I look and I want the whole world to know it, the most frequent response is positive, so the pictures aren't going anywhere, people reading this are free to mail me with they're opinions or sign my guest book. I am proud of who I am and what I have done here at The Demonic Rose.  As well as a proud member of the Wiccan Society, off and on the internet.
        I left it to the Christians to criticize me, but of course Nic and Jose, you've shown me that you can't judge people by there religion. As I've obviously proven to you being the fact that I am and always will be a member of the religion that we share.
       Just two more things I would like to say about this little entry that inspired me so much. Im sure the Christians would be repulsed at your commit that the cross around my neck in this photo is a symbol of they're religion. For starters it has a demonic like skull with gemmed eyes in the center of it "compliments of Spencer's Gifts."
       And secondly, I where a cross around my neck in light of Ozzy Osbourne an idol of mine whose worn a cross along side his paganistic views longer than you've probably been out of diapers.
       And lastly I'd like to touch on the topic of my hidden link, its soul purpose is a humor value, now obviously you'd have to have a sense of humor and time to spare to come to this site in the first place. Im about tired of people claiming they accidentally clicked on it and were offended by it. If you don't want to see it don't click on pictures or text that are mysteriously linked....

And then their was this....

Wow, how SAD. As a born and raised Scottish pagan this is the saddest thing I've ever seen. For the sake of all humanity you need to be shot. No one on Earth is as shallow as a goth...


<> - Sunday, September 29, 2002 at 20:41:44 (EDT)

Well EmDan, you certainly get right to the point don't you, you judge me for my gothic apearance, and dark nature. I would assume some of us, could judge you the same way. I mean going around tossing out indescrimenant death threats. Who are you to judge anyone Quick Draw? I consider you, unstable at best and present you no further questioning.

 Now, you're Wiccan right? How can you possibly say that when Wiccans believe in light and love? Yet your pages are filled with death and destruction? I mean for a large part of my life, I have been fighting to erase society's belief that witches are Satanic and you're pages have upside down pentagrams and dark things. You are inforcing the ideas that got thousands of women and children raped, mutialated and burned at the stake. Just think about that for awhile. I know you. And I know that you don't believe in this kind of stuff. What would the other Pagans you know think if they say this? Is this kind of thing really what's in your heart? I don't think so. But then, who am I to judge? To each her own...

confused and bewildered

- Sunday, November 17, 2002 at 23:26:27 (EST)

So you say Wiccans, are all about love and light? I'm sure Hecatate would be sad to hear you say that. My pages are filled with death and destruction, how witty of you to catch that, this is done for entertainment, but could also be considered honoring the dark gods and goddesses you choose to ignore. Im enforcing ideas that are the truth, should we hide the side of our religion that embraces death? People weren't burned at the stake for embracing the darkness, they were killed, because of jealousy, property, and many other reasons. In those dark times anyone you didn't like was a witch. Your fight to hide the dark side of the craft is in vain, unless of course you denounce the Dark Goddess, then of course you through the balance of light and dark out of play, with out that you can't have your oh so prescious "Love and Light."YOU JUST THINK ABOUT THIS FOR A WHILE. You know me do you? If you are who I think you are, then you never really knew me at all. You knew your version of me. I do beleive in this kind of stuff, because like it or not pain and death are real, anyone who actually studied the full area of the Craft would agree with me. Including my "real" Pagan friends. I hold all aspects of the Goddess in my heart, even the ones you wont admit exsist. One thing you did manage to get right though is, you aren't anyone to judge, infact you just have fluff bunny influence to set right. You are infact very confused and bewildered about your own religion.

awww...a little girl infatuated with death...isn't that cute? Oh and she's a witch too? What would the Goddess say about that if she saw this site? But the last straw was"Eat the Souls Of Your Unborn Children" Obviously you have no children thank God. It's one thing to play devil lover but to bring children into it? You're fucking sick. If you summed up Satanist in just pictures, what would it look like? YOUR SITE!!!!!!!! Oh I forgot all this pain, blood, and death is for your entainment purposes right? LMAO Poor, poor little girl.

Debbie S.

 MO - Monday, November 18, 2002 at 02:52:51 (EST)

I am indeed infatuated in things with a dark nature, if thats cute so be it. Death is a part of life we all have to deal with, doesn't mean I wish death upon anybody. I'm sure the Goddess Hecatate would approve most graciously in fact Kali, one of the many dark Goddesses wore 2 small children as earings, and wore a necklace of Skulls (See Dark Goddess Page) So one of your Goddesses brought children into it long before I did, once again I must state that this site is in no way Satanic at all, Yes "Satan" is a scary guy LOL! no wonder he is on a horror site, and of course pain, blood, and death is for entertainment purposes just like pain, blood, and death is in horror movies for entertaiment purposes, And I say again to deny the dark side of the craft is to deny the Craft all together.

Court is adjourned, please send your verdicts to the guest book
                                   Blessed Be,
                                      The Demonic Rose      

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