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Screaming Johnny's

This church stands in the countryside, outside Hannibal Missouri.
For decades now legends of restless spirits have surrounded this
place. To this day on dark moonlit nights some still venture out to
the ruins of 19th century church.

The Legend: In the late 1800's this small stone church set
peacefully on the edge of the woods, with the small cemetery in
the back. This was a black church, were the newly freed slaves
came to worship. Many family's attended the services and prayed happily together. Times were very racist and the KKK had planned
to burn the church to the ground. After Sunday service the church go'ers readied for there outing, they had planned a picnic and
such. A young boy named Johnny stayed behind hidden in the
church. Johnny had plans of his own to go off playing in the woods
that after noon, unfortunately he hadn't planned on the pasture
locking the church that evening. So there he sat locked in the dark
cold church for the evening. As night fell Johnny had drifted of to
sleep his family had discovered he was missing and began to
search. When his family arrived it was to late, the KKK had
already set the church on fire. All they could do was stand out side
and listen to his cries for help as he slowly burned to death.

Today: People still claim if you stand outside the church on a moon
lit night you can still hear Johnny's echoing screams from within the burned ruins of the old church.

Information: I have tried to retrieve factual evidence on these happenings, the owners of the church are unwilling to release any information they may have. So until any facts pointing to another conclusion, I will have to stick to the most believed story.

Note: In the early fifties teenagers would continuously park outside
the church in hopes to hear the blood curtailing screams. Soon no trespassing signs were placed. The officers reported to the
teenagers that the screams were most likely a Mountain Lion stuck
in the near by White Bear Caves. No further investigation has taken place.

The Devil's Tower

A large stone tower used in mining to house coal was
condemned when the earth below cracked in a fiery
explosion causing the ground beneath to collapse into the mine shaft and inevitably into the caves below. Leaving a
large round sink hole in the middle of the tower floor.

The Legend: In the late 1980's a satanic cult formed in
the area between Hannibal, Palmyra, and Monroe City
Missouri. They chose as they're meeting place an old stone
tower that served as an entrance way to White Bear Caves,
ironically enough the other exit of these caves is near Screaming Johnny's. This cult held demonic ceremonies
with in the tower walls as well as below it. The extent
of there sacrifices is unknown. Though the drawings on
the walls depict human and animal sacrifice, the art also
seems to be written in human blood. I have myself seen
these pictures on the cold stone walls of the tower, showing visits from demonic spirits through some hellish gateway in
the bowls of the cave.
 Soon after the cult was thought responsible for various
crimes, such as arson trespassing and theft. The police
raided the cults tower capturing a large majority of the
members. A few were "seen" escaping through the sink hole
in the floor and never found. A search of White Bear
Caves turned up no bodies or any trace of the sink hole. Leading me to the question "Where the hell did they go?"

Today: The tower stands on the property of White Bear
Salvage Yard and is off limits to the public.

Information: This information was retrieved by looking
through newspapers as well as talking to some people
involved at the time. I can not enter this place again it
was scary enough the first time now the entrance is
blocked off due to the sink hole and floor of the tower
completely collapsing the tower somewhat leans. Though in theory the tower can be reached by means of the cave.

Notes: It is believed that the sinkhole in the floor of the
tower is in fact a gateway to hell. If this were true it
would explain why the cult members disappeared and also
explain why only there victims blood was found