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The Dark Goddesses
For far to long many but not all Wiccans have pretended the dark side of the Craft did not exsist. The Goddesses associated with this aspect of Wicca were present but not in the true nature. They were dark, destructive, and showed little compassion for mortals who defied them. They were the bringers of death, the bearers of war, desease, hard ship and suffering.
Many Witches will tell you their path is a path soley of light, these people are mistaken. What they are practicing is half witchcraft, you can't just throw out the part you don't like, it upsets the balance of all. So here I give you the Dark Mothers

Kali aka Kali Ma - a hideous demon goddess who wears a necklace made of human skulls. Two of her teeth are like tusks. She wears two small children as earrings. She battled Raktavija, a demon, and after she killed him she drank his blood. Then she danced so violently that the earth shook. When Shiva tried to calm her down, she killed him too. Usually she is depicted standing on Shiva's dead body. She has at least one website dedicated to her worship.

Coatlicue, "the devouring goddess of Aztec nightmare." Her skirt is made of snakes; her hands end in sharp claws; she wears a necklace made of human hearts that she has torn from her victims.

Lilith, the "night-hag of the Hebrews." She kills newborn infants. She is also the Mother of all Demons, and regarded as the first wife of Adam in the garden of eden.

Ereshkigal is the "queen of the underworld" and "the mistress of death."

So now your wondering why would I present these dark Goddesses .They are a part of balance, respected by their followers, and feared by their enemies. Just as love and life should be contributed to the Goddess, as should death and suffering. Pagans have no creature of pure evil to blaim such things on, instead we see her in the same light as the more kinder and gentler Godesses, for every death thier is a rebirth. It is the cycle of our lives, it is the Cycle of the Goddess.

The Dark Goddesses are outstanding allies, they can be summoned to protect you as well as others. Their is almost certainly been a time in your life where you had to fight a battle, and the Dark Goddess, if called on would be right their with you on the battle feild. So before you look down on these Dark Mothers, ask yourself where you would be without them

Charge Of The Dark Goddess
Wisdom and empowerment are the gifts of the Dark Goddess of Transformation She is known to us as Kali, Hecate, Cerridwen, Lilith, Persephone, Fata, Morgana Ereshkigal, Arianhrod, Durga, Inanna, Tiamat, and by a million other names.
Hear me child, and know Me for who I am. I have been with you since you were born, and I will stay with you until you return to Me at the final dusk. I am the passionate and seductive lover who inspires the poet to dream. I am the One who calls to you at the end of your journey. After the day is done, My children find their blessed rest in my embrace. I am the womb from which all things are born. I am the shadowy, still tomb; all things must come to Me and bare their breasts to die and be reborn to the whole. I am the Sorceress that will not be ruled, the Weaver of Time. the Teacher of Mysteries. I snip the threads that bring children home to me. I slit the throats of the cruel and drink the blood of the heartless. Swallow your fear and come to me, and you will discover true beauty, streangth and courage. I am the fury which rips the flesh from injustice. I am the glowing forge that ransforms your inner demons into tools of power. Open yourself to my embrace and overcome. I am the glinting sword that protects you from harm. I am the crucible in which all the aspects of yourself merge together in a rainbow of union. I am the velvet depths of the night sky. and swirling mists of midnight, shrouded in mystery. I am the chrysalis in which you face that which terrifies you and from which you will blossom forth, vibrant and renewed. Seek me at the crossroads, and you shall be transformed, for once you look upon my face, there is no return. I am the fire that kisses the shackles away. I am the cauldron in which all opposites grow to know one another in Truth. I am the web which connects all things. I am the Healer of all wounds, the worrior who rights all wrongs in their Time. I make the weak strong. I make arrogant humble. I raise up the oppressed and empower the disenfranchised. I am the Justice tempered with Mercy. Most importantly child, I am you. I am part of you, and I am within you. Seek me within and without, and you will be strong. Know me. Venture into the dark so that you many awaken to Balance, Illumination, and Wholeness. Take my Love with you everywhere you find the Power within to be who you wish.