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These Awards were given to me when this site was nothing but Horror, I am still proud to have recieved them.
This is my first Award that I received from
Cemetery of gifs.
I also received this Award the same day as the one above,
 Cemetery Of Gifs
I got this Award from

 The Haunted Earth.

very creepy and demonic, with great stories.
This one is from

Abe's Tomb.

This site has lots of ghost stories, very cool
I Got this one from
Starlight horror dimension.

Kind of a virtual tour with great images.
This Award means a lot to me Thank you Horror Find. Horror find is one of my favorite horrorsearch engines Lot's of great sites
you can find my site under dark art category.
This Award is one of three I received from LvingDedGrl at bleeding heart, This is a great site, great features, I especially enjoyed the monthly rants If you have the time please visit this site you WONT be disappointed.
This Award is also from lvngDedGrl one of my favorites =)
Also from LvngDedGirl artist of the Bleeding Heart.
Given to me by Lady Wolfka The leader of SpellBound of Fantasy Fights. Thanks :)

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