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The stories in here are my property and can not be used without my permission. The art work is open to the public and was not created by me.
Brian McCune         

The Story of Oliver
He awoke with a shiver, a gust traveling down the hall way and across his body. Someone must have opened a door, or window. Setting up to rub his head, his hands covered in blood for a reason unknown to him. Looking around to the walls, of a somewhat familiar room spattered with crimson streaks. The man who’s name was unknown even to him sat up in horror. He stumbled onto his feet examining his surroundings. Horrible images and memories of the night before flashed through his head. Stepping into the bathroom he turned on the faucet and splashed a bit of cool water on his face. What had happened, how did he get here?
     A soft dripping noise caught his attention, from behind the closed shower curtain. A dripping of blood from a hand dangling towards the floor. He grasped it slowly, then ripped it back. Revealing the body of a young woman bathed in her own blood, her chest cut open and the vital organs removed. The stench of the corpse sent the man straight towards the toilet. He vomited, bloody meaty vomit, laying on the bathroom floor the flash backs began. People running in fear blood flowing from there open wounds, massacred by the claws of some mysterious beast with red glowing eyes and fowl rotting breath.
     It had all happened here, and he was the only one left alive. Bodies of young college age people scattered about, dismembered some decapitated endless puddles of blood covered the floors.
     The door flung open as several police officers bursts in carrying large guns, they threw him to the ground, twisting his arms uncomfortably behind his back. Others came in through the windows and other rooms, "Looks like a frat house massacre to me sir," one of the officers said to the short chubby man in a trench coat.
     The trench coated man stood in front of the assumed assailant, "what the hell happened here kid?"
     The man sat quietly, he didn't know what happened exactly, anyway, he knew it was horrible and inhuman, now he was getting accused of it all.
     The took him to the police station, questioned him with no luck. He was offered a lawyer, he refused of course. He didn't even remember his name, not that they believed him about that, but he wouldn't need a lawyer. The evidence eventually pointed to some sort of animal attack, DNA would latter prove it as a wolf attack. The cops did little more than tell him he was lucky to be alive before releasing him onto the streets.
     He had no ID, no money, he wondered the streets until later that day. "What is happening" he asked himself over and over. He strained to remember more but could only see the bloody images of death. The people who were most likely friends maybe roommates, the only ones who could give him a clue to his past were all dead. He was ban from the university grounds, until after the investigation was complete. The school claimed he was not a student there and refused to give him any information.
     He was alone, no one could help him, he would have to sleep in the streets with the rats and other outcast from society. As the sun set a chill set over the city. He retreated to the alley for shelter from the wind. There was only blackness in the alley, he listened to the scratches of vermin in the night. Unable to sleep, fear of the city, when his eyes closed the images returned.
     He awoke as the moon began to emerge from behind a belt of clouds, that had dropped rain on him for the past few hours. The moon seemed to glow brighter now than ever before. Strangely it pulled him to his feet. Glancing around, his sight slowly began to pierce the darkness. A pain fell over his body, his muscles ached his head throbbed, his body began to change. His ears stretched high onto his head, his finger tips morphed into feline like claws. He reached his arms toward the sky as his strength and agility began to balance itself. A small bobbed tail sprouted  above his buttocks, his lower jaw and snout elongated slightly, and his canines grew long while they and his other teeth sharpened.
     At this he lost control of his emotions and disappeared into the night. From the roof top he could see most of the city, a few people scurrying about there business on the streets below. Spotting a young man walking swiftly, and nervously along the darkened sidewalk he closed in. The stranger began to walk faster, as he followed on the roof tops above. The man entered a building half running up the stairs. The werebobcat slipped into the window at the top of the stairs, there he waited. The man shuffled faster and faster reaching the last bend before his destination.
     The creature lunged pinning down the mans shoulders, he struggled to keep his paws on each shoulder. The man broke free, slicing his shoulders in the process, He fell backwards rolling over each step before stopping in the middle. He stood staring up into the darkness above then turning to run. The beast leapt clearing the staircase, and hitting his victim smashing him through a near by door way. The occupants of this apartment were fiercer than he could have predicted. Three large men, one picked up a baseball bat knocking the werebeast off of his victims. The cat twisted onto its feet avoiding another strike. He struck out with his claws severing the bat in two. The man then tackled him, pushing him to the ground. The other two gathered above, One holding a large metal rod, the other had a knife. The creature, sunk his claws in to the back of the man holding him down,  he then bit down hard on his neck. Several sharp whacks on the head angered him. He threw, the dying man off, jumping again to his feet. The man with the heavy metal swung striking his shoulder, The beast sharply kicked him in the head sending him flailing out the fourth story window.
     The knife stabbed directly into his spinal column, sharp and painful, a fatal injury for a normal man. Seeing the little result of his action the knifeman began to run down the hall screaming, nosey  people all around slammed there doors in fear. The beast quickly caught up grabbing the man by the back of the neck and dragging out into the night.
     The police came a little late to do anything but investigate. Witnesses were questioned with no luck. Many claimed it was a tiger, others said it was werewolf. Consistently the reports confirmed Olive spotted fur among cat like features. Newspapers quickly caught on calling the beast Oliver due to the fur coloration, and the movie "Oliver and Company."
     The survivor of the Frat House Massacre (as it was called) was never seen again by authorities, though they did wish to further question him.

Quest for Answers

The forest was dark dense and smelled strongly of moss.  Oliver as he'd recently been nicknamed by the others working werebeast of this project. Most likely because of his olive colored fur, He shifted under the brush clumsily, with each step the leaves crunched under his feet. To the human ear this would seem quiet, but not to him, his Bobcat like senses couldn't be more acute. Hopefully he'd find out more about his past if he confronted Clyde face to face, one on one, with out his low life Coyote minions. Why in the first place was he chosen, was it an accident, or was there something special some important reason he'd been infected with these gifts, or curses depending on how you look at it. He was on the werewolf  territory now, with any luck he could find Clyde, with out causing to much hassle, at least till he found out more about where he came from or at least his birth name.
       Oliver climbed a near by Oak tree to get a better view of the werewolves den. The main area was in a deep creek bed covered in mist from the near by waterfalls. Rock ledges formed shallow caves where the beastly creatures rested in the daytime. It wouldn't be easy to get into there with out getting noticed, the wolves have acute senses as well. Once he got in, Oliver was sure he could find Clyde amongst the masses.
     Suddenly a whisper came from beneath his feet speaking the words, "we will guide thee into the werewolves den,

all that is needed is for you to ask my brother of nature."
     Slightly confused Oliver lowered his body hiding as he looked for the source. "A mass of laughter was heard from all around in the forest," this was followed by a deep, "Shhhhhhhhhhhhh"  in the same deep voice as before.
     The forest went quiet at this, then the whisper returned, "Do you need our help beast? Just ask."
     Oliver whispered backing a calm yet shaken voice, "Yes, I need help to get me within the werewolves den."
     With that the branches of the mighty oak tree swayed towards another. Oliver grasped the branch for safety. From the other tree came a gruffer voice, "Come to my limbs and travel onward to into the bluffs." Oliver continued on from limb to limb closing in on Clyde’s whereabouts.
     Red sat on the hood of Oliver's car. "Why'd he run off and leave me? What if more Coyotes come or something," she asked her self, shivering in the cold night. Red was tossed into this world, and like all bite infected lycanthropes she'd forgotten everything about her life before. Most importantly she forgot whom had changed her, the man she trusted and who she thought had saved her life, Oliver.
     Red had been pretty good about controlling the change into a werefox. She hadn't received a hormone releaser yet meaning she had to fight the change with shear will. The darkness had set and the moon risen pulling her towards the change. Her senses natural heightened with this. Her body changed as well she fought it but some traits were unstoppable. Her ears grew pointed and her eyes widened, her teeth grew sharp and her fingernails had gotten thicker, the fox like tail all but familiar sprouted out above the curve in her buttocks. Emotionally the effects were much more drastic, with no hormone releaser when the change was complete she'd have very little self control. The hunger set in, the drive to devour the hearts and other arteries of creatures abound. Along with the hunger came a strong drive to find a mate a companion.
     Slowly but surely the beast took over, Red darted through the forest hunting for her pray. She stopped at the wooded entrance to a camp ground watching the humans running about, wishing she could taste they're blood, her tail flicking slightly in the wind
she began her hunt.
     The trees had been very helpful to Oliver as well as all the other plant life, the vines that lowered him into the canyon and the shrubs that shrouded his presence. Oliver crept through the sleeping beast whom smelled rancid as they appeared. He stepped over and around them finally reaching Clyde’s den. He was sleeping quietly, his arms around a pair of females who slept on either side of him. Oliver took a leather strap from around his wrist and placed it on Clyde’s mouth. As he latched it down Clyde’s eyes
 popped open seeing Oliver he growled low in his throat. Oliver balled his fist and socked Clyde in the jaw as he began to set up. Clyde rolled to the left awakening the older and more heavier set female he was sleeping with. She lunged at him with her jaws widely opened. Oliver spun clear with his cat like reflexes, tagging her in the back with a quick kick. She slammed head first into the cave wall, knocking her out. Oliver spun to confront Clyde, who stood twice his height, covered in muscles. Clyde tugged at the makeshift muzzle with little luck at removing it. Oliver pounced claws first ripping Clyde’s flesh. Clyde drew back smacking Oliver through a deep opening in the cave. The hollow dropped strait down into the underground river. Oliver grasped the walls of the opening hanging on with all of his strength. Clyde roared forward snapping the leather belt from around his mouth. Bearing razor sharp, dripping blood stained teeth. Clyde snapped forward biting down on Oliver's shoulder. Oliver released the open walls instead sinking his claws into Clyde’s back, pulling him into the darkness. Oliver then ducked between his legs tossing him back. He kicked off of Clyde’s head jumping back into the warm den.
     The splash of his body on the water awoke both females, the elder one still angry from before. She roared at the other one to go and awaken the coyote guards. Then the large female motioned for Oliver to approach, "what is your name stranger, I am Demies the woman who will kill you."      Oliver lowered into a pouncing stance, "The names Oliver, I just defeated your mate now you think you can take me.
     She slashed at his head, nicking his cheek, "He was not my mate, she just left.
That was my son!"
     Oliver connected a punch to her stomach, Sending her into a kneel. Quickly she grabbed his leg spinning him out of the den and into the feeding yard. Oliver's body bounced across the sleeping Coyotes awakening them. They growled angrily surrounding him. He quickly grabbed one head twisting it to break the creatures neck. He twisted and with a loud "crack" it fell limply to the ground. Another coyote leapt onto Oliver's back sticking its claws into his open shoulder wound. Oliver twisted as the creatures piled on top of him, frantically he tried to escape there biting and poking.
     A massively strong arm grasped his shoulders pulling him from the pile up. Quent examined him holding him high in the moon light, "do you not ever learn werecat," he flung him into a rock pile. Demies grabbed his scalp lifting him to his feet, she connected a couple hits in his stomach before letting him spill over again. The coyotes gathered around taking turns kicking, hitting, scratching, and biting him. Quent’s voice could still be heard, "Do you have no sense coming into our home and attacking us, alone even, you must have known you'd die, or are you alone?"  Oliver’s eyes widened as he remembered Red was in the car not far away, "Yes I am alone," he muttered blood running across his tongue. Quent lifted his head, breathing the fowl sent of rotten meat in his face, "I donut believe you," He stood glancing at the surrounding beast,
"Go find whom ever is out there and bring them to me." llll
     Oliver squatted kicking Quent in the back of the leg then retreating to an ironically low hanging limb and into the tree tops above. The Werewolves howled loudly and chased him on the ground below. He left them behind seconds later. Oliver headed to the river, where he knew he could find what he was looking for.
     He saw Clyde’s lifeless body hung up on some rocks a little down stream. Oliver hopped into the shallows, pulled Clyde upon his shoulders and retreated into the blackness.
     Red crept into a near by campsite where an elderly couple sat by a fire. They're tent partially set up. Red listened she could hear they're hearts beating making her hungrier and hungrier.
     She had waited long enough, and deciding that since they refused to part from one another she'd have to take them both. The campgrounds were sleepy only a few still had fires going. Red leapt over the flames, roaring loudly. The frightened couple scrambled back. She grabbed the elderly lifting him by his shirt front. She pulled him closer, then quickly biting down on his neck. The woman scrame in horror taking off down the wooded road. Red patently devoured the man her body glowing in the fire light, mouth dripping with blood.
     The woman ran down the road screaming, waking more campers. Red unexpectedly appeared in front of her tackling her to the ground, then ripping open her chest. Before she began to eat a loud bang was heard from behind, the piercing went through her lower back as she fell forward onto the elderly woman. Red laid quietly as the armed man approached, he placed the barrel on the back of her head, "what the hell is this?"
     Red jerked her head out from beneath the gun, biting the mans ankle. She then pulled him down to eye level, "I guess you'll never know." She bit down on his head crushing his skull. There was no time to eat her kills people were heading into the area with more guns and lights. Red took the hearts of her victims and began to search for Oliver.             

Sly Little Fox
The wolves and coyotes were still howling far off in the distance, as Oliver reached the river. He had barely escaped with his life, but he had set the events in order to get what he wanted, and the wounds he’d acquired were already beginning to heal. Clyde’s lifeless body was floating not far off. Oliver waited on a fallen tree, he swiftly thrust his paw in grasping the wolfs matted fur. He hauled the lifeless beast to the rocky beach, dropping him hard off his shoulder. Clyde wasn’t breathing he’d been under far to long. Oliver knelt beside him studying the creatures massive size. "Would it be safer to let the werewolf die, he has brought me nothing but misery. But with his death ends any chance of finding clues to my past." With out much time to think Oliver hit Clyde’s chest with a swift punch. Clyde gagged and coughed sending bloody water spewing from the corner of his muzzle.
     Weakly Clyde lifted his head, seeing the eye’s of his assailant mustered a pathetic growl. Frustrated Oliver grasped his hair, pulling him into a sitting position, "Are you ready to talk?"
     In response Clyde spit blood into Oliver’s face, he was in no condition to fight such a speedy and ferocious combatant, though he was much stronger at his prime (which this defiantly was not.) that didn’t mean Oliver deserved his respect.
     Fang and Gray crept silently down the banks, The werebobcat had gone this way. There coyote senses were sure. Though the wolves had the upper hand on strength, they were the best trackers in the clan. Fang waded down stream to the base of the fallen tree. Leaving Gray on the river side trail, there he stood the werecat loomed over Clyde’s body. Fang watched from behind the tree.  Now would be the best time for attack.  Fang raced across the fallen tree, slamming Oliver from behind. Oliver slid a few feet on the rocky beach. Startled Clyde rolled on to his belly, trying to push himself up. Fang leapt over his back, landing behind Oliver. Oliver crouched in a cat like position turned swatting the coyote’s face. Fang howled in pain and backed away, Gray, Fangs mate came to his rescue jumping on Oliver biting his  neck and scratching his eye’s. Oliver flipped her over his head sending her crashing into Fang. Clyde was long gone, the coyotes were gathering all around, it wouldn’t be long before the wolves showed there ugly faces as well. Oliver crashed feet first into Fang cracking his neck. He then spun to face Gray, she howled in horror at Fangs demise, "how could you, he was just following orders." Oliver jumped, at over her mild swing connecting a kick to her head, "He should have followed instinct." Gray fell unconscious onto her dead lover. A large male coyote stormed out of the woods, he appeared very angry, but Oliver had no time for so much physical confrontation, he had to get back to Red before the Coywolves found her.
     Red slipped through the foot hills of the campgrounds blood dripping from her muzzle. She’d caused quite a stir among the campers. More than likely they were hunting her down, with they’re guns. "Oliver had been this way" she thought sniffing the air of the trail she traveled.
     She heard the gun shots before she saw the shooters. A large group of humans, heavily armed with shotguns and pistols. They stormed over the hills. They’re bullets pounding the ground behind her as she ran. The moon rose before her lighting the way slightly. The forest filled with vicious howls. A pack of Coywolves crashed out into a clearing, snarling and nipping at each other in a frenzy. The full moon had made them wild crazed and blood thirsty. Red stopped in her tracks her fox senses told her she didn’t stand much of a chance against the lunacy of the coyotes. It was to late to run they’d spotted her. They closed in growling and showing her they’re large canines. The human hunting party was closing in as well.
     The large male Coyote, tromped forward blasting Red onto her back, "Hello pretty little fox girl." Red pulled herself backwards up the hillside. The footsteps of the men’s feet in the tall grass was getting closer. Red sprang to her feet sprinting up the hill side with the coyote pack slashing and snapping at her heels. At the top Red dove to the ground. The leader of the hunting party yelled, "There it is." The exploding bullets thundered overhead. Red lifted her eyes slightly watching the battle, seeing her only chance to escape.
     She ran into the woods bullets hitting the trees behind her. The large female wolf Demise slammed hard into her side slamming her to the ground. She struggled under the wolves enormous mass. Demise snapped at her neck, "Where is your friend the bobcat." Red gasped as the wolves sharp teeth clamped down on her neck, "Why…huh.. don.. you. Tah tell me." Red grabbed the wolves face with her claws, ripping her off. Demise drew back smacking her hard across the face, "don’t test my patients." Red shifted over onto her side reaching for something to pull herself free. The gunshots were growing closer. Demise turned nervously in the direction of the guns, then turned back to Red, "You stupid girl!" Demise leapt to her feet, grabbing Red by the tail and carrying her across the river towards the wolves lair. Fang was waiting when Demise arrived, "Who is that, where is the bobcat I want his head." Demise walked on passed Fang, "I take it you didn’t catch him, kill him or even find out exactly who he was?" Fang seemed to get uncomfortable, "Well, uh I have a pack out looking for him now ma’am." Demise leaned in close grabbing Fangs ear, "Your pack is dead" She loosened her grip dropping Fang to her knees, "Where is my Clyde?" Fang trotted trying to keep up with Demise "Some of the Coyote’s took him back to den, apparently he ended up in the river through some underground spring." Demise stopped in her tracks, and stood thinking, "Fang go on ahead and tell Clyde I have something important to talk to him about." Red mustered the strength to break the wolves grip and dart of into the woods. Demise watched for a few moments the moon reflecting in her brown eye’s. with some hesitation perused the swift little fox into the undergrowth. Demise was very strong, powerful and somewhat speedy, The underbrush Red had chosen slowed Demise down quite a bit. Red on the other hand was perfectly designed for this form of pursuit, standing only five foot tall in were beast form, where Demise stood nearly seven.
     Demise was caught now surrounded on all sides by painful thorn bushes.  Red crouched under them out of sight, scrambling at Demise attacking her legs dropping her down to her knees then, Then attacking her jumping onto her shoulders. Demise was now defenseless as Red finished
her off.                                                  

The 13th Realm

     Oliver stumbled through the bowls deep under the castle of Necros. Carrying Red in his arms. The undead warriors had done quite a number on her, slicing her body into bloody shreds and then releasing her into the dungeon. She and Oliver had come here with only one mission, retrieve the Skull of Darkness. It’s power would be enough to lift the curse of the werebeast and return them to there normal lives.  It was so hard to get here in the first place, now he was losing Red maybe forever. If only he could reach Crystalin who awaited them outside Ivan Necros rule. She could surely save Red from death. The skeleton like undead warriors were closing in, Oliver smelled their rotting stench over the horrid smell of the sewers. Red had long since abandoned her unnatural werebeast form as she weakened  and the sun rose over the horizon. Oliver struggled even now to hold his form, his human body would have given up long ago.
    The tunnels under the castle seemed endless, some filled chest deep with rushing water, others dropping straight down into impenetrable darkness. Ivan saw through the eye’s of his undead warriors keeping close but not close enough to cause a fight. He’d seen what this unworldly beast could do in combat, and if his trackers were destroyed he might lose track of it and never discover who or what transported these creatures to The Thirteenth Realm. To which he’d been banished from they’re world so many years ago. He knew what they’d come for, The Skull of Darkness. The legend of its powers must still float around the mortal world. Had he not taken it with him when Mercy banished him to this outer waste land of existence, it would still be the center of life in that realm. It had given him his powers and he would let no one take it from him, especially not these pathetic werebeast from earth. Anger began to fill Ivan’s dark heart at the thought of losing his precious Skull. A green glow illuminated from his eye’s as he watched the beast through the ectoplasmic window.
    Oliver waded through the disgusting tunnels, pushing aside the bones of evil creatures trapped in here to die years ago. He tracked on. Red’s breathing had slipped into fast gasp, she was dying now he had to act fast.
    The undead warrior jumped down from an overhead tunnel, slicing down with a large blood stained sword. Oliver stumbled back, keeping a strong hold on Red. The sword struck the ground, with a mind shaking scrape. Oliver having no use of his hands kicked out at its head. Knocking it into the vast darkness. The evil creature didn’t stop swinging the sword ferociously about in the torch lit cave. Oliver dove about barely missing many strong violent blows.
    Now he considered it somewhat safe to set Red down on the small ledge coming of the wall. Adjusting his chemical wrist enhancer to the level of a beast. He lunged crushing the ribs of his would be assailant. The skeletal warrior was now helpless pinned under the hulking werecat. Oliver crushed the very life from the skulled monster before he was completely satisfied it was dead.
    Leaning down he picked Red up gently from the ledge and continued onward. He was now seeing faint light in the distance, he had not retrieved the Skull of Darkness, but he had survived and Red was considerably alive. Maybe by chance Crystalin could save her.
    Sitting on a rock, a little anxious now, Crystalin watched the dark storm clouds form over Castle Necros. Lightening blasting the towers sending rocks crushing to the ground. She new her powers were no match for Ivan’s, she was an apprentice mage, he was a master necromancer who would crush her if he ever found that she was helping the were beast steal his precious Skull of Darkness.
    So there she sat on the outskirts of  Necros’s kingdom waiting for Oliver and Red to return. This is when she saw it, Malice an evil sorceress who had died many years ago. "Ivan must have resurrected her," she thought. Malice was the good side of Mercy, Crystalins ancestor from long ago who first brought Magi to the Earth Realm. Not that this was important now. Mercy  was the most powerful Mage of her time, before she was seduced by Ivan to join him in creating the Ring of fire, which practiced a darker form of evil generated from the center of hell.
    Malice levitated in the air above Crystalin staring down in shame, "You dare appose the reining Ring of Fire?"
    Her eye’s flamed with evil passion, the flames grew  and burst forth from her chest. Crystalin concentrated her energy creating a shield, the flames consumed around her lasting for several minutes before dissipating.
    Malice sneered down, "How do you still stand, no problem I will dispose of you by other means."
    Crystalin fumed in anger shooting a powerful energy beam from the ring of Mercy. Malice crashed into the mountain side, and not a second later, flying out at her sinking her claws into Crystalin’s neck. She lay on the ground choking and gasping for air. Malice’s eyes began glowing with power as she choked Crystalin. The dying girl grasped for a weapon of some type but found nothing but dirt and pebbles. She tossed a handful into Malice’s glowing red eyes. The evil witch glided back into the air, "you idiot child, you’ll pay for that" Malice rose her hands above her head, creating an energy ball. She tossed it down  at the helpless mage. It crashed into the earth next to Crystalin’s feet shaking the far reaches of the horizon.
     The tunnels quaked around Oliver’s, crushing in around him. He ran, with cat like speed his were form becoming weak. He jumped through the opening just as it caved over.                                          


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