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This is a page dedicated to my favorite holiday.
I am going to put some Halloween related stuff on this page....
A little History

       Halloween is based on a Celtic holiday by the name of "samhain." This is the day prior to the Celtic New Year (November 1st) it is a day of harvest and celebration the end of autumn and the beginning of the Yule season. It is also known to be the day when the world of the living and world of the dead are no longer separated. When Christianity emerged the old pagan holidays were converted along with the people Samhain became known as "All Hollows Eve" and later as Halloween.
      Western society changed this holiday once again, it became a day of celebration once again, people wore costumes, played games, and had treats. Soon trick or treating was developed to keep children occupied with something more constructive than egging houses and throwing toilet paper over tree's. There is much more detail to the history of Halloween but I don't want this site to get to educational and lose its entertainment value.
( Halloween is the Devil's birthday )
  ( Halloween was invented by candy companies )
( Halloween was invented by evil witches to kidnap children )
( Halloween is the day when Michael Myers slaughters people)
To freak people out on Halloween.......
. Buy a dead monkey from your local pet store and hang it on your front door.
. String used toilet paper all over the inside of your house.
. When you open your door to trick or treaters roll your eyes to the back of your head and speak in tongues.
. Try to lick the makeup off of all the little trick or treaters.
. Instead of carving a pumpkin try carving a face into a raw turkey.
. Instead of handing out Halloween candy try heroine needles and birth control pills.
. Cover a pile of used Halloween costumes in fake blood and set them next to your door.
. Dress in a satin robe and burn a dummy in your front yard. ( this works better with friends. )
. Put your arms around one of the children and thank his friends for the lovely sacrifice.
. Wrap yourself in plastic wrap wearing nothing else and tell everyone your a left over
. Answer the door with a shot gun telling the children they have five seconds to get off your property
. Answer the door in a speedo acting seductive tell the visitors "Ive been expecting you, did you bring vasaline"

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